Huff & Puff

Huff & Puff is a mix of brawler and party game from two to four players. It's been made by a team of 6 student on the theme of "uprising", during 4 months. We decided to approach the theme in a very physical way: Characters have the possibilities to blow air and get ejected from that, the whole point of the game is to get your opponent out of the screen to get rid of them. The game has been made on unity.

I've been working on the developpement and design of
- Movement mechanic : physical propulsion.
- Collision calculation based on a logarithm.
- Charging propulsion system by using raycast and mesh generation.
- Aim system.
- Stomp mechanic.
- Taunt mechanic.
- UI systems.
- Changing levels systems (camera, character movement and randomization).
- Camera effects.
- Sudden Death system.
- Winner/Loser system.
- Scoring system.
- Character selection screen and system.
- Graphics and sound options.
- Level design ingredients.
- Data saved system by XML.
- Animation system.
- Accessible LD tools to easier integration.
- Assets integration (animation, sprites, sfx/vfx).

DATE: May 2019

ROLE: Developper & Designer

TAGS: Student, Brawler, Party Game

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