Kami is a game made for the ARTE Game Jam 2020 by a team of 6 people during 48 hours. The theme of the jam was "7" so we decided to make a game that would integrate this number at the heart of its core mechanic. The player control a character and can only make it dash, up to the number of 7, with all of these dashes they should get rid of every enemies. If they're unable to get rid of every enemie within 7 dashes, they'll die. They'll also die if they take too much time between dashes. The game has been made on Unity.

I've been working on the developpement of
- Dash mechanic.
- Overall systems (win/lose conditions, timers, enemies).
- Animations systems.
- Levels design ingredients.
- Assets integration (sprites/animations, vfx/sfx).

DATE: March 2020

ROLE: Developper

TAGS: Jam, Action game

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