What if Everything Goes Wrong ?

What if Everything Goes Wrong is an arcade racing game. It's a student project, we've worked on it during 4 months with 3 peoples. The unique constraint we had was "Arcade game: Race", we approchaed it by an original way and not having a direct control on the vehicle but instead, having a control on the character inside the vehicle. Moving these characters will apply physics to the vehicle and allow players to control it. The game has been made with Construct 2.
The game is playable by 4 players and each of them will have to put weight on left or right to control the bus they're in. We also created alternative controllers using makey makey eletronic card.

I've been designing and developping
- Characters' movement inside the bus
- Bus physics
- Obstacles and HP systems
- Infinite scrolling system
- Checkpoint system
- Integration of every assets (sprites/vfx/sfx)
- Handcrafted controllers + makey makey

DATE: May 2017

ROLE: Developper & Designer

TAGS: Student, Racing, Arcade, Cooperation, Alternative controllers

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